MEDIA x WOMEN is a nonprofit providing women with a dedicated professional network and resources they seek to rise and succeed with confidence. We believe that women should be treated fairly and recognized for their accomplishments in the media industry. Anyone who identifies and female or supports women in media is welcome to join our community.

With a growing community of over 500 talented women from 34 countries MEDIA x WOMEN community members work in all facets of the ever-evolving media universe. They share a common interest for equal opportunities as media makers and leaders. Industry sectors represented in our exclusive network include television, film, music, tech, publishing, digital media, journalism, photography, acting and media academia.

MEDIA x WOMEN media products serve and reflect anyone who identifies as female and is active in the

ever-evolving media universe.


We share the belief that if she can see it, she can be it. By cultivating an environment for professional development, education, and inspiration, we aim to make a positive difference for gender parity in the media industry worldwide. Rather than concentrating on the persisting problems,    

MEDIA x WOMEN wants to change the script by raising awareness about media made by women.


By increasing the visibility of the impact and works women make, women can gain the acknowledgments and rewards they justly deserve from the industry and audiences. Changing the game in this manner will encourage current and future generations to build successful careers in media. 



MEDIA x WOMEN is a diversified group, dedicated to amplifying the accomplishments of women in media worldwide and supporting continued advancements through education,

collaboration and community.

Together we can make a positive impact in the lives of women and the media industry world-wide.

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An industry association providing women with a dedicated network of media professionals and resources they seek to rise and succeed with confidence.


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